IOSIS FW 19/20

8 piece collection plus 4 looks IOSIS 2.0 (made fo 12 look collection for Vancouver Fashion Week 23.03.2019)   was my personal project made as a diploma at Art and Fashion Academy Lodz (ASP LODZ), i done: fashion design, sewing, all over design, graphic design and photography;  i graduated with honors and collection will be seen as an exhibition at LODZ YOUNG FASHION AWARDS as an exhibition called PRINT IN FASHION and on catwalk at Marka Wspiera Markę fashion show event at Central Museum of textiles Lodz, OF SEPTEMBRE 2018 Photomodel : Berenika Godlewska  PHOTO: on me
Inspiration( please follow the mood board)
I was inspired by girl role in tribal rites of passing reserved just for man in local societies/ profanum vs sacrum paradigm, alchemy and its final Rubedo stage, life lines and its connotation in many different aspects of life- still  associated with nature and more untouchable psychologically related matter- as we can notice many similarities between veins, mountain lines, tree knots, branches, sea waves, rivers seen from air satellite, and many small parts of our insight bodies seen under the microscope- all are very alike and builds same schema of paradigm- broken curved lines connected to one another as a system nest;
All over 1: Rubedo- red fire- symbol of passing  and changing ‘state’ from the one connected to the ground to more spiritual -ghost world ( ghost/soul) in ancient Greece connected to final stage of katharsis- purification.
All over 2: Green Rose.
Roses hidden in water garden of lifelines, Rose with its many symbolic meanings become a clear connection to a woman…
All over: Both designs was painted manually using transfer paint on cartoon canvas  A3 and 100/70 cm, all overs became my references to create all over final projects.
( handpainted all overs  were created by using transfer paint which change colours under high temperature press- what made this task more complicated as during painting i could not prevent the final effect)
Green all over was painted and parts of fabric was covered by hand cutted roses patterns, and rope thanks which during press heat it gain more illusionary touch.
Collection is reserved for strong and independent women who likes to be seen and they are not afraid of colours;
I kept smart, elegant shapes suitable for evening meetings, cocktail parties.
Collection was sewed by me.
Final dress was made out of Italian pleated satin- pleats and its hight  were ordered by me in the same place i made prints. Dress was sewed manually, i sewed it by hand with transparent fisherman thread, as it was impossible to create it by using sewing machine.

Italian satin, georgette, chiffon, pu