In Between / O / 3D Animation

Short 3D + 2D animation created  by me 🙂

First I created 3D sculpture in touchdesigner, than it was time for textures to give more life to the basic sculpture, to use background for the animation i took pictures of female models and myself – i handpainted their bodies and my body first – bodypainting, i took full photo seasion -was using: canon 600 D, lens: 50 and 100, i also prepere painting textures to add to the 3D sculpture:  i made painted version of textures- i painted it manualy by using traditional painting techniques- using acrylics on cartoon and i was also painting by digital form using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator on Wacom Cintic and Huion GT185, i made animation, rendering and basics of Python scripting in partly- Touchdesigner and postproduction in Adobe Premiere <3

As i love new technology and traditional techniques mixed together this project gave me a lots of fun 🙂 hope you will enjoy it as i did 🙂 As i am very keen in experimenting with new technologies I used animation that i build in 3D program as an intro for my Fashion project for Vancouver Fashion Week, promoted by Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Vancouver, Canada

MUSIC ‘Travva’ by Jutro feat Linda huge Thank you for: JUTRO, LINDA & SOHO PALACE! JUTRO LINDA SOHO PALACE