Houses II, Body Juice / Bio Houses Series

Paintings created for an exhibition at the National Museum of Art in Cracow

Obrazy przygotowane na wystawę w Narodowym Muzeum Sztuki w Krakowie.

Bio mix- media painting collection. Painting series presents Bio conception. Mix of micro and makrocosmos conception of an interior human body cells with mutogenetic changes seen under microskope with images based on views from air satelite showing city and landscape plans from the above. I put huge intrest and attention on the comperation of the life line structure of the way/lines and its conections to its centre. Showing that people builds their cities in the way nature builds us our body cells and natural viligaes such as jungle and so called lake cities- natural enviroment areas untouched or just bearly marked by human beeings. And sometimes how this ”body cells” react when touched by the virus or mutogen. How in something at the first moment seen as chaotic you can find a way to communicate and built a natural labirinth reality.


HOUSES II, BODY JUICE: mixed conception of the city based on water such as Venice, which basically is based on wooden balls-boards which yearly are rotting/deteriorate cuz of what Venice is going underwater slowly. Plan seen from a satelite mixed with conception of a microscopic pictures of mixed body liqueds/ body juice; showing the duality of a natural material life and its needs to exist without any interference

type: abstraction
technique: mixmedia, acrylics , transparent paste, mortar plaster, oil paints: rembrant/mussini & acrylics: amsterdam; dripping, sgraffito, painting knife; brushes, own technique similar to ebrew technique based on paint and oils difference in density of the liquids
size: 50 / 70 cm, on cotton canvas;
markes/signature: Cathy Silvia Voget