Vancouver Fashion Week FW19

Photo: Filippo Fior, RitzCinema, Alice Scheuerman, Kiki Zhang

Music: Travva by Jutro Feat Linda // SohoPalace//

I was very happy to be invited to Vancouver Fashion Week FW19. VFW is very open for multicultural diversity. Among models I have requested as many nationalities as VFW can offer. As a Cultural Studies representative and a woman artist i find that as a must to present statements with values which are true and close to ‘us’  esspecialy during event like fashion shows.  I was given a chance to work with models from ex. Africa/Ghana, China, Japan, Korea, Ukraine, Canada, USA, India, Mexico, Finland. With diverse skin colours and sizes. My clue was to show that as woman we should have same possibilities and chances in life no matter how we look or what is our skin tone, and we should support one another.  12 piece collection Iosis 2.0 presents idea  of ‘0 waste’ , it is collection partly made from the pieces of fabric leftovers prepared to be through out by supplier as it was to small to put it on sale.

*Painting-All overs were hand painted by me using transfer paint on canvas 100/70 cm, and transfered using hot press on fabrics which were references for my final graphic desing all over report.

Cathy Silvia Voget